A Heart-Centered Path for Fulfillment

Author: Sally Bendersky

This book will enlarge your vision of what is possible, allowing you to become the leader of your own life, surrender to the gifts the universe provides you with, and become responsible for deciding where you want to go.

What you'll accomplish:

  • Lead yourself and others using new tools
  • Become a Heart-Centered person by using my PEL-MET method
  • Improve your relationships through excellent conversations
  • Live your dreams reducing stress and fear
  • Embody the Novel Entrepreneur while building your path for fulfillment

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Sally Bendersky

About the Author

Sally Bendersky is a chemical engineer, certified coach, bestselling author and founder of “New Leadership”. She is passionate about transformation and also integrating diversity into leadership. She has helped transform lives and leadership performance of hundreds of men and women, and has also been a leader in port industry, higher education, ambassador of Chile and head of a state technology center.

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  • "The reader who starts this book will not be the same as the one who reaches the end of it. You will feel that you made a journey even though you might not have moved at all. Your world will have changed."

    Rafael Echeverría

    President of Newfield Consulting

A heart-centered person is aware that presence, emotions, and language must be aligned in the path for fulfillment.
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